About Us


Bartholomew BroadbentI am an International trade professional with 20 years of experience selling wine & spirits worldwide. My diverse international career has allowed me to grow in almost every aspect of the wine & spirits trade, including sales, marketing, operations, product development and joint venture partnerships between Chilean, Argentinean, US and German companies. I have opened markets in all 5 continents, dealing with a wide variety of customers, from large multinational retail chains to single Michelin star restaurants. I have known Bartholomew Broadbent for several years. I’ve always liked Bartholomew, and was lucky enough to enjoy his wines on occasion. When I was building a portfolio with wines I’d like to work with in Europe, Broadbent Portuguese wines were among the first I chose. My hope is to give all Europeans the chance to enjoy these wines as well, by building a distribution network that spans the entire continent.