Napa Valley, California

The Auctioneer wine is a tribute to Michael Broadbent, the auctioneer.

In 1966, Michael Broadbent joined Christie’s to set up their first wine department. Though James Christie auctioned Madeira wine at his very first Christie’s auction in 1776, there had never been an auction devoted only to wine, let alone a wine department. Thus, the first wine auction devoted to wine was in 1966. Michael was Head of the Christie’s Wine Department from 1966 – 1992. Director of Christie’s International from 1967 – 2007 and their Senior Wine Consultant until his death in 2020. He established Christie’s wine auctions in the USA and pioneered wine auctions all around the world, from Australia, to Asia, to Europe. As the Christie’s wine auctioneer, he accepted invitations to develop other wine auctions, notably the Heublein Wine Auctions in the 1970s in the United States which was the catalyst for many of the great American wine collections and saw the birth of the passionate collectors. Michael co-founded the Napa Valley Wine Auction with Robert Mondavi. He presided over the first 10 Napa Valley Wine Auctions, returning for the 15th and 20th, after which it was re-named Auction Napa Valley and always presided over by a Christie’s auctioneer. His son Bartholomew assisted at the rostrum of all the same Napa Valley Auctions as his father.

Michael Broadbent was an enormous fan of the Napa Valley’s early wines. The Auctioneer strives to bring back elegance, restraint, sophistication and harmony. The Auctioneer is made to the style which made Napa Valley famous and appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world. It is elegant. It has a restrained alcohol. It is balanced. It is food friendly. It has acidity. It is definitely not over-extracted, not over-intense, not over-alcoholic, not over-ripe, not obvious. The Auctioneer wine is a wine which Bartholomew Broadbent has insisted be made to possess the charm and quality which would have made his father, Michael Broadbent, proud.

Region: Napa Valley, California

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