Broadbent Madeira Table Wines

Madeira, Portugal

The Broadbent name has been synonymous with fine wine for more than six decades, beginning with the renowned career of British wine writer, auctioneer and Master of Wine, the late Michael Broadbent, and continuing with his son, the importer Bartholomew Broadbent. Bartholomew’s deep roots in Portugal inspired him to create his own range of Ports and Madeira. And, at long last, Madeira Table Wines. Madeira’s fortified wines were the most popular wines in the US until Prohibition, and were the choice for many early American celebrations. However, very few dry wines have been imported from the Island of Madeira. Until now.

Region: Madeira, Portugal

Year Founded: 1996 (though 2020 is first vintage of Table Wines)

Proprietors: Bartholomew Broadbent

Winemaker: Juan Teixeira and Flávia Rosário

Size of property: Madeira companies generally do not own their own land, they buy from a wide array of grape growers.

Amount of Property Planted: 2100 grape growers

Terroir: The island of Madeira has an oceanic, tropically-influenced climate and volcanic soil. With high rainfall and an average mean temperature of 19°C (66°F), fungal diseases and botrytist are constant hazards. To combat these threats, Madeira vineyards are often planted in low trellises known as latada that raise the canopy off the ground. The wine is cultivated in terraced steps of red and basaltic bedrock called poios. Broadbent Madeira is made in the classic British style. All of the Broadbent Madeira's spent time in 650Litre cask with as much as 150 years of age.

Annual Production: 740 cases

Varieties Cultivated: Arnsburger and Verdelho

Cellar Door: By appointment only.

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